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Childish Gambino Interview at The Breakfast Club Power 105.1 (09/10/2014)


“Doing fashion illustrations is part of my work, but for me it’s all about women,” Lorenzo Mattotti, the artist behind this week’s cover, says. Read more about his inspiration and look through a selection of his work.


“Doing fashion illustrations is part of my work, but for me it’s all about women,” Lorenzo Mattotti, the artist behind this week’s cover, says. Read more about his inspiration and look through a selection of his work.


The Cherry Tree House gets some lights .

Photography by Daniel Castledine.

UK-based artist Tom Hare created the Cherry Tree House, a large-scale structure woven from thin boughs of wood into a beautifully spherical shape. The organic sculpture sits amongst the branches of a tree in the backyard of a private residence. At nighttime, illuminated with lights that reveal the intricate form and texture, the Cherry Tree House truly comes to life, taking on the appearance of a magical home for creatures like fairies high in the treetops.

According to the artist, his medium of choice is willow for its many special properties. “There’s something about willow that’s evocative. The smell, the texture, the way it moves,” he says. “The connection with nature, through coppicing and transferring observations into design, can be a humbling experience, and a physical one too.”

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AFICIONAUTO, host Christopher Rutkowski takes a look at the iconic 1970 Dodge Charger as featured in the ‘The Fast and the Furious‘ series and driven by the late Paul Walker. The car is put through its paces, demonstrating the pure power contained within this manifestation of the essential American muscle car. Making its first appearance in the 2001 film The Fast and the Furious, the car reappeared in 2011′s Fast Five, and will be featured again in the seventh film in the series. Also in this episode is an interview with the owner of the car, Bob Hartwig, who gives an insight into the cultural iconography of this particular car, and how he came to acquire it. Enjoy the video above and head over to the AFICIONAUTO, for more episodes.

Ventura County, California-based photographer Christopher J. Rivera explores extraordinary worlds of fantasy in his spectacular conceptual photography. Although only 21 years old, Rivera has developed a mature sense of storytelling in his work, often crafting a larger narrative and writing a few lines of prose to accompany each photograph. The result is an impressive portfolio of images as compelling as they are visually stunning.

Rivera’s photos are marked by recurring themes like magic, natural elements, and the surreal. A young man battles plumes of ominous darkness with a shining wand in one image, giving a nod to the wizardry of Harry Potter. Another photo features a sorcerer clothed in black, a flock of crows swirling around him. Several shots incorporate mastery of the elements, as figures are consumed by fire, fly through the air, or appear to defy gravity in intriguing contemplations of youth, freedom, and power.

Big Sean

—I Don’t Fuck With You

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The Witcher 3 : The Wild Hunt

35 minute gameplay

Seamus Mullen is a James Beard nominated chef and owner of Tertulia, a Spanish restaurant located in Manhattan’s West Village. We dropped into the restaurant to pay him a visit, but Seamus was busy breaking down an entire lamb, so we sat down and watched him cut up some bones, meat, and organs while he discussed the finer points of Spanish cuisine. Once he finished cooking us a plate of cojonudo (which translates to “fucking great” in Spanish), we headed out with Seamus and three of his friends to El Colmado, his new spot in Gotham West Market. On the way over to the new space, we safely dodged a fitness-crazed herd of the un-dead who claimed to be involved with New York’s “zombie run.” Once safely settled into El Colmado’s dining room, we sampled some generous portions of freshly-cut jamón and a round of drinks.

After the last sip of beer we traveled to Brooklyn for stop at Whiskey Soda Lounge, Andy Ricker’s newest Thai restaurant. The heat of Andy’s sour-cured pork riblets was so spicy, a hit of fiery bird’s eye chili gave everyone the hiccups. We decided to calm our well-deserved heartburn over at Vekslers, where Andy joined us for burgers and deep-fried chicken. We finished off the night by heading back to Tertulia, where Seamus made us lamb paella with meat and organ parts that he had broken down earlier in the day. Vegetarians, shield your eyes.

This out-of-this-world build, is the latest custom Harley to roll out of the Rough Crafts garage in Taiwan. Based on a 2014-spec Dyna Street Bob, the beastly “Urban Cavalry” has the Rough Crafts trademark makeover, with features, such as the distinct ”dark iron”, vintage sci-fi look, and a beautiful semi-gloss grey paint scheme. We love it. More amazing photos after the jump.




Meat lovers rejoice, MEAT: Everything You Need to Know is the carnivore’s bible. Written by Pat LaFrieda, dubbed the King of Meat, a third generation butcher and owner of America’s premier meatpacking business, this is ultimate book of everything meat. The book features more than 75 mouthwatering recipes for beef, pork, lamb, veal, and poultry, with step-by-step photographs, advice on necessary equipment, and butcher’s notes.